2018 Certification Form

My Space for Life Garden

All information in this section will be displayed in the Gardenaut Gallery.

Give your garden a name by highlighting its outstanding features.

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This information will be used to geolocate your garden on a map.

What was it that prompted you to create your Space for Life Garden? Share your experience and what you got out of it.

When your form is submitted you’ll get an email with the instructions to follow for properly choosing photos of your garden.
These will be used to complete your application for certification.
This information will allow us to do a follow-up on the My Space for Life Garden program. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

We’ll be in touch with you by telephone only if we have a problem with your email address.

Number and street
To be completed if you’d like to receive a My Space for Life Garden sign.

If you do, don’t forget to fill in your address.

In submitting your garden for certification, you automatically agree to the conditions of participation for the My Space for Life Garden program.